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Rowlands Castle Village Grapevine

  • Grapevine is an email list intended for sending urgent or important messages to everyone in the Village, such as dates of  public meetings or road closures.

  • Anyone can join the list simply by sending a blank email to

  • Anyone who has joined the list can send an email to the list by sending it to

  • To remove your email from the list, you need to unsubscribe by sending a blank email to

  •  People who sign up are promised that their email address will never be disclosed to anyone else.  That they will not be spammed.  And that they will receive only important, infrequent messages.  Please honour this promise.  Do not ask for a read receipt.

  • Not permitted on the Grapevine are political messages or commercial messages.

Some important notes

  • You don’t have to send your message to some special person to post for you.  Grapevine is a Do It Yourself system, open to all.  

  • Whatever you send will be seen by everyone, so don’t include any message unless you intend it to be read by all. 

  • No one is going to correct your layout, spelling, grammar etc.  It’s a good idea to send a test email to yourself or a friend first.

  • Many people use Windows PCs that don’t display pictures.  Use text.  If your message is a graphic image (such as a pdf) few will see it.

  • Attachments may well not be opened.  Send your message in plain text, in the body of the email itself to get maximum exposure.  For maximum effect, keep it short and simple.